A number of Development studies and projects which reflect our vision to improve and resolve the economic and administrative crises in Iraq.

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  • Iraqi Oil Revenues Distribution Trust Fund Program – 2012
    A detailed program to establish a trust fund for the distribution of oil revenues to citizens, as well as linking it to the general budget network, software development and service tax, improve services and fund ages in the provinces. This program utilizes a number of intentional programs and addresses the problem in Iraq, according to the reality of the country in its current form.
  • Rebuild Iraq Commission Reform Project – 2011bgm
    Study the restructuring of the Iraqi Rebuild Commission in Iraq (as an independent) and included with work with the official and government entities and the provinces. Development of high performance engineering management plans for the advancement of rebuild efforts and stages of projects to what it needs country.
  • Unemployment Challenge Reality in Iraq Strategic Development Project (National Bank of Workforces) – 2011
    A new development program to establish a (National Bank of Work Forces), the goal of this program to resolve the unemployment crisis in Iraq. Also to provide the resources to the needs of high trained and professional employees to all government official entities and private sector.
  • Establishment of Center for Strategic Studies and Research – 2012
    The Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, an independent institution specializing in scientific research and studies the social, economic and political relevance to rebuild Iraq.
  • The National Emergency and Disaster Management Agency – 2013
    Program to establish the National Commission for Disaster and Emergency Management, a federal agency within the organizational structure of the prime minister institution to manage and coordinate all efforts related emergencies and disasters.
  • Pre-School Education National Program – 2013
    The purpose of this national program to accommodate children aged from three years – five years in the educational program a high-level, to raise and develop the intellectual level, also to improve and development the physical and social growth in times of an early age. It is a national project and associated work and administrated within the work of local governments.
  • Strategic Development Plan for the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation – 2010
    Integrated developmental study includes the current stand and situation of the Ministry, problems and declining levels of performance and how to address them. As well as the performance of the formations and companies working under the ministry administration as well as develop plans to address in a professional and Intentional technology through the development of programs to raise the level of performance and production and the advancement of the ministry and its formations to global levels, performance and production.
  • headshot2Housing and Construction / Reality – Development Plan – 2010
    Analytical overview of the housing sector and the main obstacles and how to address and resolve within a technical and engineering / investment to cover the needs of the country from this sector.
  • Rebuild Iraq Study / Improvements, Solutions, Issues – 2010
    An overview of the problems of the rebuild the country in recent years of the constraints and poor management and other issues. Establish a development plans and programs in high-tech to manage this sector and the country need in accordance with the high platform and benefit from the experience of developed countries in this sector.
  • Electricity Shortage Crises in Iraq – 2010
    Analytical view at the reality of power in Iraq, the mis-manage of resolving this crises this sector in recent years, steps towards resolving the crisis.
  • Investment Reality in Iraq – Challenges, Improvements, steps towards the growth in investment
    Study of the reality of investment in Iraq, impacts causes fail to achieve our goals in investment. As well as establish and development plan within the economic reality of the current situation of the sector in how to overcome the obstacles and move forward to meet with our vision to succeeds in this sector in Iraq.